Having a baby is a superpower. We all know a new baby is a blessing, but getting enough sleep, showers and food while taking care of a new bundle of joy is an act of willpower. Managing to get in some exercise is a downright miracle.

And yet that is exactly what some Upstate fitness experts and Upstate moms encourage you to do to help you get back into your groove, find a supportive community and get some much-needed mom time.

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After getting a doctor’s release, some Upstate moms went back to yoga with their babies and reaped the benefits. I heard a lot of feedback from moms who didn’t want to share their names. One mama from the class said, “I felt like my general mobility was a lot better. I bounced back more quickly, and I felt like I had more energy.”

Another new mother admitted it was not always the workout, but the people and community.

“It felt like a safe space to bring the babies early on when getting out felt intimidating,” she says. “It is a safe space to bring them without worrying about them crying some, where to nurse, and just being a baby, since everyone there is in a similar situation.”

Mary DeMarco offers Mom and Baby Yoga at Greenville Yoga twice a month for new moms and encourages them to bring their babies.

“I think when dealing with the physical and emotional stresses of new motherhood, it is grounding and stabilizing to reconnect with your new body after it has been through the ordeal of pregnancy and birth,” DeMarco said. “When recovering from pregnancy/birth, it's important to give attention first to the deeper core and pelvic floor muscles to maintain proper functioning.”

She encourages new moms to connect with others going through similar phases of motherhood and feels that yoga gives them a place to connect and calm down.

Jessica Thomas knew she needed a community after moving to Greenville, so she created Strong Mamas to keep active and help build a community of mothers. The best part is that classes “provide fun stimulus for little ones and moms interact with their children while working out,” she said. “When the kiddos get restless, we move our strollers.”

Her focus for moms is not to get back to a perfect fit or even their pre-baby body, but instead wanted to create a place where moms can “celebrate what our bodies went through and what they can still do,” she said.

While the health benefits for new moms (and dads) is fantastic, the bonding time with their wee ones and friendships established with other women is the real prize for getting out of the house and moving — even when you haven’t managed a shower.

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