Family photo sessions can be stressful at the best of times. Professional photographers Jessie Walker, Ashley Kirby and Amanda Blanton have some quick and helpful tips to get that perfect picture.

• “Come a little early so your children can warm up to the new location and meet the photographer,” Walker said. As little as 15 minutes early can help your child get relaxed and ready to play in front of the camera.

• Rewarding good behavior is absolutely OK, but be warned. “Chocolate and sticky lollipops are just a mess waiting to happen,” Walker said.

Treats like books and small toys can be given at the beginning of the session and used during the photoshoot.

• Be mindful of the time you schedule a session. Anything that impacts meal or nap times might not give you the dream session you want. “Let them bring their favorite toy,” Blanton said.

• Dress for comfort, not formal photos. Blanton reminds parents to “coordinate colors while retaining the individuality of each person.”

• Have fun. All three photographers said they want their families to have fun when they are being photographed. Letting them work their magic behind the camera will make you look amazing in front of it.

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