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4 tips for cosplaying with kids

Thinking of cosplaying for a local event or convention? Here are a few tips.

  • Pick a family theme for the costumes. Sybil Todd of White Knight Cosplay says, “It can be a great activity to do together, from the building of the costumes to attending the event to entering costume contests.”
  • Think thrift. If you have never made a cosplay costume, start at the thrift stores or use things around your own home. Some of the best costumes are the ones that the kids help make.
    “We have found materials in unexpected places, often around our own house,” Todd says. “Old hoses, Styrofoam balls, plastic eggs, cardboard boxes and old Nerf guns have all been things we have used in our cosplays.”
  • Use the costume again for any dress up or Halloween events. Part of the fun of cosplay is that the costumes can be used again and again and again.
  • Have fun. Cosplay is a wonderful activity for the whole family and part of the entertainment is seeing what costumes other families have created. Rob and Michele Young of Borderlands Comics both said, “We have lots of children and families that participate each year-it’s lots of fun.”

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