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7 essentials you need for cloth diapering

If you decide to take the plunge into cloth diapering, there are certain supplies that you will need in order to be successful. Rick Stephens of Modern Cloth, a natural parenting store in Greenville, offers a quick, down and dirty list of supplies you will need to make a go of it.

•Twenty-four cloth diapers. This will give you enough diapers to do diaper washing every other day. If you are a new-to-cloth-diapering parent, you may want to make use of the rental system Modern Cloth has available to determine which diapering system you like the best.

•Small wet bags for storing dirty diapers when you are out and about and have to make a change.

•Large pail liner. Many moms who cloth diaper have several wet bags and find that they use them for other things like gym clothes and swimming suits.

•Diaper sprayer. This is a simple tool that attaches to the water intake of your toilet so you can complete a quick pre-rinse on your diapers. Those mamas who have it will tell you it makes all the difference to being a successful cloth diapering mama.

•Diaper detergent. This does not need to be an expensive option and you can get away with using Tide, but some cloth-diapering parents like to use specially formulated diaper detergent that makes their life easier and requires fewer washes.

•Cloth wipes. Fortunately, this can be homemade of quickly cut-up fleece or purchased. Even an old comfy washcloth will do the trick — just make sure you have some and a quick wipe solution.

•Patience. Cloth diapering is seeing a resurgence of popularity, but that doesn’t mean it is the mainstream choice either. Chances are you will be the one answering questions for other curious parents. Just like kids, cloth diapering isn’t always easy, but unlike kids, it comes with instructions.