Ruth Rosenquist, director of marketing and public relations for Cherry Hill Programs, is responsible for collecting all of Santa’s things from Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. From her close interactions with Santa Claus himself, Rosenquist has a few tips she has collected over the years to help parents get that perfect picture.

  • The earlier you visit Santa, the more time he will have to spend with your child. Evenings and weekends become very crowded and Santa wants to spend a magical moment with each child, so please be patient.
  • Little ones do better meeting Santa when they are rested and have eaten. The best pictures are usually the ones in the very beginning.
  • It is OK if children get upset and cry when they meet Santa. Every child has different needs and Santa takes his cue from each little one he meets. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones with the family.
  • Santa knows that children like touching his beard. “That is part of the magic,” he said. Just try not to pull too hard.
  • Every child is on Santa’s good list. Even if they just want to wave at him from a distance.

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