Some years, it’s a no-brainer: My child will be so enthralled with a character, the Halloween costume choice is obvious in July.

Other years, I have a child asking for a different character costume every day in October.

When new costumes cost $30 or more — and toddlers’ attention spans last 30 seconds or less — how can you help them stick to their decisions?

Draw a picture, said Amy Burke, a mother of four young children who lives in Pickens County.

“I have my children write down their picks for Halloween sometime around the end of September to the first week of October, so we have time to get them on sale,” Burke said. “They all know once they’ve written it down or drawn their picture of it, there’s no going back.”

Instead of asking an open-ended question about what her kids want to be for Halloween, Burke also offers specific guidance about how her children can reinvent their existing wardrobe into a do-it-yourself costume.

“We also encourage making their costume with what they have on hand,” Burke said. “A dance recital in June? How about being a ballerina or princess with that? Have football gear from last season? How about a new Clemson jersey and your old football helmet? Anything to reuse what we have.”

Dress-up fun isn’t limited to Halloween in the Burke household.

“We keep a laundry basket of dress-up clothes in the kids’ closet year-round,” Burke said. “Someone always wants to dress up around here!”

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