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Easy-to-make books save summer family memories

Whether it’s a trip to visit faraway family or a special vacation, parents often worry how much their preschooler will remember. Lorraine DeJong, a Furman University professor who specializes in early childhood education, suggested some ways to reinforce these special summer memories.

When DeJong first suggested making a scrapbook after a trip, I envisioned hours online to make a photo book or lots of money spent at a craft store for a perfect album.

Much to my relief, that’s not her plan.

“It doesn’t have to be fancy,” she said.

When her family traveled, DeJong used file folders stapled together with words and photos glued inside. When DeJong and her daughters created the book together, they discussed the pictures, which helped the girls remember the moments in the photos. In reading and rereading the book together, the children also recalled the process of making the book, she said.

Years later, such books can become helpful when discussing a distant relative the child has met but doesn’t readily remember, DeJong said.

Many of these small books can easily be stored in file cabinets, documenting a whole childhood of journeys, she said.

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