When my first two children were young — one an infant, the other a toddler, I seemed to have only two double stroller choices.

Spend big bucks on new or hunt for used. Later, I learned stroller connectors offer an affordable choice beyond my shabby Craigslist stroller.

This nifty device joins two lightweight or umbrella strollers. In addition to a lower cost, the ability to separate strollers offers advantages. Double strollers are heavy and bulky. Stairs and doorways are tricky with any stroller, but they’re much harder with a double stroller.

Plus, when going out as a family, if my husband and I wanted to split up, one of us was stuck with not only the behemoth stroller but also both kids in it. With two detachable strollers, parents can split up easily. Note that not all connectors work on every model.

Traci Lake of Easley won a Munchkin brand stroller connector as a prize and successfully attached her Chicco stroller to a friend’s. Now expecting a second child, she’ll experiment with a new stroller.

Various brands of connectors are available.

A Prince Lionheart connector runs about $15, while brands like BOB and Peg Perego are closer to $60, according to

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