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Clean kids’ crayon marks from walls

Did your Picasso-in-training mistake your home’s walls for a canvas?

“Sometimes a simple solution of soap and water is enough to take crayon off walls, but for tough jobs you can apply undiluted lemon essential oil and wipe with a clean rag,” said Jennifer Greene of Jen Greene Clean. “Some people may suggest using a Magic Eraser, which may take the crayon off, but may also take your wall paint with it.”

Jessica Swanson of Merry Maids said lemon oil is also helpful for permanent marker stains on wood furniture. Another of Swanson’s tips is using a hand-held steamer to loosen crayon wax on wood furniture, then wiping with the grain.

Merry Maids’ proprietary Wall Glide, designed to handle crayons and other marks without removing paint, is applied with a microfiber cloth, said Jessica Swanson.

Both Swanson and Greene suggested vinegar and Magic Eraser to clean many other toddler messes.