Grayson Boyd doesn’t look away when he sees a need.

The 10-year-old Chesnee Elementary School student lives with his parents, Wes and Amanda Boyd, and his younger brother. When he noticed that a food closet at a local restaurant was empty and unable to meet the needs of a visitor, he got to work.

“He just has a very big heart for helping people that he notices are struggling or that might not get a lot of attention from other people,” Amanda Boyd, said. “It makes me as a mom very proud that God has given him that heart.”

Grayson gathered friends and organized a food drive at school, collecting hundreds of cans of food. The process also raised awareness among his classmates of the need in the community.

“They were able to completely stock the whole pantry,” Amanda Boyd said.

Grayson is involved in STEM Club, plays three sports and serves on his school’s morning news show. He also really likes building with Legos, but he hope to one day be an actor. As the oldest cousin in his family, he said he already understands that he can make a difference.

“Whatever you do, your little cousins will follow,” he said. “It’s important to be a good role model.”

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