When Elizabeth Ann Johnson sees a need, she doesn’t let it go.

Elizabeth Ann, age 11, is a student at Spartanburg Day School and an accomplished equestrian who loves spending time with horses and with her dogs. She is the daughter of Stewart and Ann Johnson and she has two younger siblings. But most of all, Elizabeth Ann cares about others’ feelings.

“She has been caring from a little girl on,” Ann Johnson said. “She just worries about other people.”

When her school did a service learning project to provide support to 15 children in Nicaragua, Elizabeth Ann went above and beyond what was expected.

“She wrote a letter and did go door to door to ask for donations,” Ann Johnson said. “She’s done that for other projects, too. She likes to get involved. She likes to have a goal and to reach that goal.”

Through that work, Elizabeth Ann raised enough money to keep two children in school for a year.

“I didn’t know that people were not going to school because they couldn’t afford it,” Elizabeth Ann said. “I wanted to change that. Everyone should get an education.”

Though she isn’t sure what she wants to be when she is older, Elizabeth Ann finds joy right now among the horses she loves so much.

“I like being with them and being able to work with them,” she said.

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