Amari Anthony-Kittles keeps everyone laughing.

Described as continually upbeat, considerate and diligent at Monaview Elementary in Greenville, Amari brings her positive attitude to others, including her mother, Bonnie Kittles.

“She has always been the most helpful child,” Bonnie Kittles said. “She gets so much joy out of helping others. Anything she can do to be helpful, she is just jumping for joy.”

Amari has been named a “Terrific Kid” by her teachers, and she is involved in a wealth of activities, including art club, chorus, Good News Club and more. But it’s her sense of humor that often draws others to her.

“She loves to joke and make people smile,” Bonnie Kittles said. “She likes riddles and jokes. She always has a joke for every event.”

“I feel like it makes my day better when I have to work with somebody at school,” Amari said. “I makes everybody better to have a happy mood.”

With her future wide open, Amari said she has two favorite paths.

“I really like drawing,” she said. “I would like to be an artist, but if I can’t, I would like to be a veterinarian.”

For now, she is enjoying life and learning to skateboard.

“It’s adventurous,” Amari said of her new hobby. “You can pretend to be anywhere in the world.”

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