Zoe Gordon sets a high bar for herself when it comes to serving others.

A student at Pine Street Elementary in Spartanburg, Zoe is known to put the needs of others ahead of her own. She has an older sister and is the daughter of Ken and Laura Gordon.

“Last year, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for people,” Zoe said. “This year, I was elected class president and I was overjoyed.”

The platform has given Zoe the chance to share her love of service with other students. She organized multiple fundraisers so the students could buy gifts for the school’s janitorial staff, and she really connected with a class fundraiser to help a child in need last Christmas.

“I think it really got to her when she saw that this child really needed socks and underwear and soap,” Laura Gordon said. “She used a gift card she received for her birthday. She’s very compassionate. She typically looks at a situation and puts other people’s needs before hers.”

Zoe has enjoyed earning Beta Club service hours by volunteering with Spartanburg Humane Society. Her future plans are currently torn between being a therapist and using her creative side to be an interior designer. No matter what her path, she knows it will involve service.

“To help others, it makes me feel good to know that if someone is having a bad day, I can do something to help,” she said.

Nomination excerpt

“Zoe is one of the most compassionate children I know. She is CONSTANTLY going over and above for others. Zoe puts others’ needs before her own on a daily basis. She touched my heart this past Christmas when our class took up donations for a needy child in our community who would not have had any Christmas presents. Zoe asked her mother to take her to Kohl’s to shop for this child. She purchased her a pair of Converse sneakers, a fragrance set, pajamas, jeans, a coat and many other items. Zoe is our class president. She stays after school weekly to work with other student council members on ways to make students’ experiences at Pine Street be the best they can be.”

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