Maci Clare Sickels isn’t one who should be underestimated.

As the only girl among five children, Maci Clare, daughter of Jim and Tami Sickels, works hard to give her best in everything she does.

“She sets her own expectations,” Tami Sickels said. “I feel like the brothers are a good motivator. She is just an all-around sweet girl.”

At her church, Maci Clare is part of a group training to be leaders by serving in the church’s children’s department. At Pickens Elementary School, she has been elected by her peers two years in a row to serve as class representative to student council.

“Being a leader makes me a better person by teaching me that I need to help others more,” she said. “It has helped me learn that helping people get what they need is good and it makes me happy.”

Maci Clare is an honor roll student who loves old artifacts and would love to have a career in archeology. She enjoys helping her classmates at school.

“I know it’s helping someone know what they should, so they can help someone else,” she said.

Outside of school, Maci Clare is in her fourth year as a volleyball player. Her small size is no match for her hard work on and off the court.

“She’s tiny but she’s fierce,” Tami Sickels said.


Nomination excerpt

“Maci Clare is an excellent student. She works hard in the classroom, cares about her classmates,and participates in many activities outside of school. In the classroom Maci is always doing her best. She never gives up, even if the work seems difficult. She is an honor roll student and takes pride in everything she does. She was elected to be our class representative on Student Council. She is a leader at school and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She plays volleyball and is very active in her church. Maci Clare is definitely a student who makes a difference!”

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