Knox Eaton is known as a Renaissance student.

Knox is a student at Jesse Boyd Elementary School in Spartanburg, where he excels in the classroom, on the playing field and on the stage. He recently starred in a school production of “Aladdin” and was selected to represent his school in the South Carolina Honors Choir.

A recent project at school in which Knox and other students designed a house for dogs has spurred him to think about future career possibilities.

“I kind of want to be an architect when I grow up,” he said.

But Knox really shines when it comes to serving others.

“I don’t like seeing people that don’t have a home or are lonely,” he said.

Along with his parents, Angela and Jeremy Eaton, and his brother, Knox serves at Spartanburg Soup Kitchen and, through his church, with Spartanburg Interfaith Hospitality Network. He also helps kindergarteners through his role with the school’s safety patrol.

“Knox is very active and likes to be doing things with his hands,” his mom said. “We try to do things that are hands-on. I think he just really likes being able to help people. He really looks at people and feels empathy for them and really, truly wants to help people.”

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“He excels in the areas of academics, athletics, fine arts, and community service. He’s attends Odyssey, the district’s gifted and talented program and is a member of the Junior Beta Club. He takes pride in his work and can always be counted on to go above and beyond expectations. He has participated in the school play since first grade and will be appearing as Prince Ali in this year’s production of Aladdin. ... He continually looks for ways to help others by being a member of the Safety Patrol and volunteering with his family at the Soup Kitchen on weekends. Knox has a contagious smile and encourages enthusiasm in all aspects of his life. He is the true definition of a student who makes a difference.”

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