Jathen Parham gives to others through humor, song and service.

A student at Monaview Elementary School in Greenville, Jathen has two siblings and is the son of Jared and Sarah Parham. He is a part of the school’s morning news show, and his Friday segment, “Jokes with Jathen,” is a big hit with his peers.

Sarah Parham said her son’s faith motivates him to want to help others.

“He likes to help other people,” she said. “Everything seems to come natural to him.”

Active in sports, Jathen is entering his third year as a Monaview Pacer, training for weeks to run a 5K race. He has inspired others through song, bringing listeners to tears as he sang at the school’s talent show. He and a group of friends also took it upon themselves to meet a need through entrepreneurship. When a fundraiser was needed to help students take part in a class field trip, the group made and sold slime, raising almost $500. Jathen said his role was keeping up with sales.

“It was an honor,” he said.

Jathen plans to be a preacher when he grows up, and he will be sure to bring his special sense of humor to his messages.

“I like laughing and seeing other people laugh,” he said. “I just want to share the joy.”

Nomination excerpt

“Jathen Parham is a leader, entrepreneur, scholar, comedian, athlete and believer. This fall, Jathen was a student greeter at The Junior Achievement fundraiser, speaking to donors for this organization. Each morning, Jathen also welcomes his peers to school on the News Show. “Jokes with Jathen” is an integral part of Friday’s broadcast where he shares his unique sense of humor with his fellow Lions. He is an outstanding communicator. Jathen is also an entrepreneur. To assist in fundraising for our class trip to Atlanta, Jathen and his classmates came up with the idea to open a business selling slime to the school. They recruited a team, which they named “The Slime Monsters.” The students sold slime every Friday for two months. After sales concluded, Jathen and his fellow entrepreneurs had raised almost $500 toward field trip expenses. This will cover field trip costs for three of his peers that may not otherwise be able to attend due to financial strain.”

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