Cody Sisk is known as a natural leader.

Cody is a student at Woodland Elementary in Greenville, has four siblings and is the son of Scott Sisk and Patti Sisk. He said he loves helping others and serving wherever he can.

“My friends always help me, so I want to help them back,” he said.

Patti Sisk said Cody showed his potential as a preschool Montessori student.

“He started to read when he was 3,” she said. “We knew something was different about him – in a good way – from a young age. He’s just had all the right educators to be an encouragement to him.”

Cody serves his school as a Wildcat Cadet, helping students safely get in their cars after school. He also helps others through peer tutoring at school, through packing bags for his school’s weekend food program for students and through serving in his church.

“I love that he has a servant’s heart,” Patti Sisk said.

An active summer swim team member, Cody also loves Legos and hopes to be an engineer one day. For now, he is living out his faith in service to others.

“I like following Jesus’ plan and helping others like he did,” he said.

Nomination excerpt

“Cody Sisk is an outstanding member of our fifth-grade class at Woodland Heights Elementary. He is an outstanding student who was just inducted into our Junior Beta Club chapter for academic achievements in the classroom. Cody is a kind student who has the ability to make anyone feel welcomed and accepted in our school community. He is willing to help others who struggle academically by peer tutoring. ... Cody is a natural-born leader who represents his family and our school beautifully. His big heart and encouraging spirit makes Cody well-deserving of this honor.”

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