Brooke Grayson goes the extra mile to make others feel included.

Brooke is a student at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, the youngest of five children and the daughter of Ken and Libby Grayson.

“She is an extremely loving child – very strong-willed, but with the strong will comes a loving heart,” Libby Grayson said.

Brooke is very self-motivated and enjoys tackling things, like her favorite Lego projects, on her own. She is part of her school’s ASCEND, Advanced Student Curriculum to Enrich and Nurture Development, program, in which she and other students have become pen pals with children in an orphanage in Ghana. The group is planning a bake sale to raise money to buy books for their long-distance friends. Brooke’s mother said she is quick to see those who need a friend, like someone sitting along at lunch.

“I like helping people because it makes me feel good,” Brooke said. “It’s nice to help people out because then they can be better off, too.”

Brooke wants to be an infectious disease specialist when she is older. For now, she loves science and writing.

“I like learning,” she said. “It got a little harder this year, but I still enjoy it.”

Outside the classroom, Brooke said family time, including her two dogs, is a top priority.

“I really enjoy spending time with my family,” she said. “That’s one of my favorite things.”

Nomination excerpt 

“CCES fifth grader Brooke Grayson is kind, conscientious and humble. She moves through her school day with a certain grace and maturity that seems well beyond her 11 years of age. In the classroom, she is eager to learn and consistently strives to do her best. She collaborates with others on a variety of projects and thoughtfully contributes to meet the challenge. She displays intellectual curiosity and self-motivation, and her positive attitude and growth mindset is a model for all.”

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