Bess Hindman is already an accomplished world traveler, but her journeys in books know no limits.

Bess is the youngest of four children and a student at Greenville Classical Academy. With her siblings and her parents, Matthew and Del Dee, she has traveled extensively, including a spring break trip this year to Egypt. She is an avid reader, accumulating more than 2,000 minutes of reading each month for a school program. She also displays a great deal of kindness and compassionate at school, often helping other students.

“I like learning new things, like in history everything is always so interesting,” Bess said. “There’s always something new to learn.”

Books are her constant companion.

“She’s definitely a phenomenal reader,” Del Dee Hindman said. “She loves to read the things her siblings have read. It’s a great relationship builder with her siblings. That’s a big deal for her.”

“Reading can take you to other worlds,” Bess said. “It’s like a portal, the cover of a book.”

As the family prepared for their trip to Egypt, Bess prepared a cheat sheet for each family member that covered major historical events and places they would see, so each moment could be savored.

“When you see it, you get to see what you’ve learned,” Bess said.

Nomination excerpt

“Bess is an excellent student who always tries her best. ... In addition to academic excellence, Bess is a well-rounded student. She enjoys reading in her spare time, accumulating over 2,000 minutes of reading each month for the Pizza Hut Book It! program. She also likes swimming, drawing and playing the piano. ... The most outstanding qualities of Bess are her gentleness and kindness. I often notice her quietly helping other students throughout the day. When asked on an interest inventory at the beginning of the school year, what was her favorite thing about being a Christian, she said, "I love having peace in Christ." It certainly shows in her demeanor. If there's any student who makes a difference, it is Bess Hindman.”

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