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Meet Angela Truett of The Early Learning Center at Park Hills

Angela Truett is often a child’s first teacher.

Truett teaches K4 at The Early Learning Center at Park Hills in Spartanburg. She has spent 23 years in education, all with the youngest students and most in K5.

“I was fortunate enough to know that I wanted to teach,” she said. “That was my gift. I love the excitement they have when they come to the classroom each day. They are curious learners. They are excited about learning. They just thrive on it.”

Parents can sometimes be more apprehensive than students when it comes to that first-ever day of school.

“I love being that first teacher that can calm their fears and tell them it’s going to be OK,” Truett said.

Because her students attend a full-day program, the classroom becomes a bit like a home away from home, complete with a nap, outdoor play, music and more.

“We have children who are already reading to children who have not been exposed to knowing many colors,” Truett said. “That’s just part of teaching now in any level. That’s an enjoyable part, too – that you are able to meet the needs of all of your students.”

Truett’s first students are now adults with careers and families of their own.

“They are starting to have their own children,” she said. “That makes me so proud that I had a little part in their educational process. It doesn’t matter how old they get, that are still your K5 students when you see them. It is very rewarding.”

Nomination excerpt:

“Mrs. Angela Truett is a very dedicated teacher. She is always advocating for her students. On any given day, Mrs. Truett arrives early or stays late to make sure that the next day runs as smoothly as the current day. She plans engaging lessons for her students, and she gives each of them the individual attention that is needed. She knows her student's needs and loves them in a way that makes them all feel special.”

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