April Christopher said she was destined to be in the classroom.

“It’s in my blood,” she said. “I come from a family of teachers. It was a talent that I felt came naturally, so I followed that.”

Now Christopher is in her 11th year of teaching, all in fourth and fifth grades. She currently teaches fourth grade at East End Elementary School in Easley.

“I try and integrate as much as I can into my ELA (English Language Arts) studies,” she said. “I love it when my kids don’t know if we are doing science or social studies or reading. At this age, I enjoy the sense of humor. They are independent and responsible, but they are also pleasers.”

Reading is an ongoing activity in Christopher’s classroom.

“We read any and everything throughout the year,” she said. “One of my goals is to master the material for this grade, but I want whoever gets these kids in fifth grade to have the thought that they came well prepared and are independent thinkers.”

Christopher is married to a teacher and the couple has two daughters. She said one of her favorite things about teaching is that each day holds something new.

“I am a very motivated person,” she said. “Honestly, each year is different. Figuring out what motivates the kids and what their strengths are – you don’t get in a monotonous routine.”

As she prepares to send them out to finish their time in elementary school, Christopher said she wants her students to have learned more than what is in their books.

“I hope my kids enjoy spending the day with me,” she said. “I hope they know that I care about them. We can have fun together, but we can also dig in and get deep when we need to.”

Nomination excerpt 

“Both of my children have been taught by Mrs. April. She is responsible for the love of reading they both have through her dedication to nightly reading assignments and fun quarterly assignments they are required to do. She was the inspiration for my oldest to decide that teaching is what she desires to do for her career. Mrs. April is great with communication with the students and parents. She really makes a difference in each student’s life.”

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