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Moms share birth center experiences

When someone mentions a natural birth, a day at the spa may not jump to mind.

But that is how Cierra Nelson described her experience at Greenville Midwifery Care & Birth Center, a practice of certified nurse-midwives that is affiliated with Greenville Health System.

Nelson, a resident of Greer, had her first baby in a hospital in Kentucky, then chose the Greenville Midwifery Care & Birth Center for her second child.

“It’s a gorgeous space,” Nelson said. “Who wouldn’t want to give birth in a place that looks like a luxury spa, yet feels like home? It is relaxing and private, without the hustle and bustle of a hospital.”

Nelson also appreciated that because her appointments were at the birth center, the environment was familiar during labor. Her firstborn was delivered by a doctor in her obstetrics practice whom she’d never met, in contrast to the personal relationships she developed with all the midwives at the center, she said.

Rachel Davis, a first-time mother from Mauldin, said she preferred the birth center but almost chose a hospital due to insurance coverage.

“At the birth center, you are in one expansive, beautiful room,” Davis said.

Davis and Nelson said they liked the ability to go home sooner than some hospitals allow. That allowed Nelson to get home to her older child more quickly.

“I felt very safe and relaxed, and this definitely helped ease our baby girl into the world,” Davis said. “I am so thankful my insurance company approved my appeal and I would recommend the birth center to anyone interested in a natural birth.”

Nelson also commented on her labor without pain medication.

“People are so quick to tell you about the pain,” Nelson said. “Yes, there can be some, but birth is not to be feared. It is a beautiful and transformative experience that should be met with love and excitement. You’re meeting your baby, after all!” i