Club Pilates, a growing fitness franchise, has opened the first of three planned Greenville locations. The studio offers reformer Pilates, the original form of Pilates requiring exercisers to use a machine called a Reformer to vary resistance.

Pilates has many benefits, from increased strength to greater flexibility. The method of exercise was designed by Joseph Pilates during the World War I as a means to improve rehabilitation programs for injured soldiers. It is a low-impact workout that focuses on the core. Though there is a large focus on the core, Club Pilates Greenville co-owner Bo Patterson said it offers a total body workout. The advantage of Reformer Pilates over mat Pilates is the reformer machine itself.

“The machine uses springs so that you can get the resistance you need,” said Patterson. “Because the machine offers such an individual workout, we can have students from 18 to 80 in the same class, each getting the precise workout that they need.”

Don’t let the fact that Pilates is a low-impact workout fool you into thinking it will be an easy workout.

“Pilates is a serious workout,” said Patterson, a former college athlete.

In addition to the Reformer, classes utilize TRX equipment, Bosu Balls, Exo Chairs and mats. There are a variety of classes including cardio sculpt classes and strength training. If you are interested in trying a class, you can schedule a free 30-minute introductory class by going online to

Club Pilates is located at 2107-A Augusta Road.

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