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Community Profile: Dr. Surabhi Gaur

When Dr. Surabhi Gaur took a family photo in Falls Park years ago, she had no idea that Greenville would one day become her home.

In January, Gaur was named Chief Medical Officer of Bon Secours St. Francis in Greenville. She is from Pennsylvania and has a background in clinical emergency medicine and physician leadership. Gaur met her husband Dylan, also an emergency medicine physician, in medical school and the couple has two daughters, ages 8 and 5.

“I really fell in love with Greenville and Bon Secours St. Francis,” she said. “Coincidentally, my parents had a house years ago in Lyman.”

Because of her parents’ connection to the Upstate, Gaur said she was able to watch Greenville evolve during visits over the years. That familiarity helped her make a connection to the area when the position became available and she and her family made the move from Pennsylvania. She recalled a visit here with her brother and parents when the family gathered for photos.

“I have these pictures of us in Falls Park and they’ve been on my desk for years,” she said. “Now I just think that’s my backyard.”

Gaur said the hospital system’s size doesn’t mean there is a small mentality or a smaller scope.

“I’m not Catholic, but I do like to think that the spiritual aspect of our mission and how that’s driven does encompass the whole being,” she said.

Since healthcare is often driven by women, according to Gaur, she wants to further that by extending a holistic approach to care.

“And that’s also why I like Greenville,” she said. “It’s a small enough city that a hospital or a healthcare worker can make a really big impact. I think we’ve seen that in the way we took on vaccinating teachers, for instance. I think we can have a great footprint in this community. That is a way to bring in the things that are important to parents or anyone who is raising a child that doesn’t just have to do with day-to-day shots and pills and checkups.”

Gaur said the area’s diversity has a great appeal to her and she – in part, inspired by her own children – wants to help level the playing the field for all families here.

“I think there is a movement behind being kind and compassionate,” she said. “For me, that ties into my mission of healthcare and equality and bringing everyone into the fold.”