As soon as kids are old enough to ask, parents can have an answer. Australian author, cartoonist and illustrator Fiona Katauskas is the force behind “The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made,” a funny, light-hearted video based on her book. 

“The whole thing started with a lack of good resources for my own children,” Katauskas said. “I thought there was a real lack of material that was not only factual but engaging.”

The video, which is really three short animated episodes that combine for a 21-minute film, is designed to be free from embarrassment. And Katauskas created the content to resonate as an ongoing discussion, from the first time kids ask where babies come from and continuing throughout childhood. 

“Parents get this fear,” she said. “Children are asking honestly and with an open heart and open mind. The whole story is about our bodies, how we are changing, how the sperm meets the egg and all that. This is information that every child needs to know. If they sense they can’t ask parents, they will go elsewhere. I’m a big advocate of parents taking a big breath and saying, ‘Do they hear it from us, or do they hear it elsewhere?’”

Katauskas said the video builds an environment where children can ask questions and talk with their parents. It was important to Katauskas to include IVF as well the basics of infertility.

“Nowadays the sperm can meet the egg with assisted reproduction,” she said. “I wanted the animation to be inclusive of that. I did not want it to be tacked on at the end as an afterthought. Ultimately, we all grow the same.”

If children are not yet ready for the entire video, parents can view each episode with their child in segments.

“You’re guided by your children,” Katauskas said. “When your children ask, they’re ready to know. Some kids ask quite young, especially is they are the older child and their mom gets pregnant. At the same time, if they haven’t asked by 8, 9, 10 – they might have heard stuff and it is a good time to sit down and learn this.”

Ultimately, the video series empowers families. 

“I feel so passionate about this – teaching children and making parents, guardians and educators feel comfortable with this,” Katauskas said. “It’s miraculous. I wanted to capture that sense of delight.”

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