Jonah Davidson is the youngest of four, but this 11-year-old Buena Vista Elementary School student already understands how to make a difference in the world.

Jonah was adopted from China by Kristen and Chris Davidson when he was just a year old. Kristen Davidson said her son is always looking for someone to help, including classmates who might need some extra guidance.

“When he sees someone struggling, he wants to help,” she said. “His teachers say he is humble about it and patient with them.”

When the family hosted a child from Haiti who needed surgery, Jonah and his siblings were quick to help.

“We hosted her for about 6 months,” Kristen Davis said. “She had club feet and had the same surgery Jonah had. She came as a 10-year-old not walking and she left walking 6 months later.”

Jonah has very definite goals for the future, including attending the Air Force Academy and becoming a pilot. For now, he is active in sports, plays guitar, serves at church and is part of his school’s morning news program.

“Even though I’m terrified of heights, I want to reach new heights,” he said. “You shouldn’t just stay yourself. You should reach higher. Setting a goal can push you.”

Helping others is part of that.

“I feel like if I know someone or have something, that I need to share,” he said. “I need to do everything I can to help.”

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