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Forget elf on the shelf and try ‘Reindeer in Here’

With the birth of his two children, Adam Reed wanted to be deliberate in creating family Christmas traditions.

A TV producer by day, Reed is the author of the children’s book, “Bee in the Sea,” and the creator of “Reindeer in Here,” a book and plush reindeer set designed to encourage a new Christmas tradition. His holiday creation has resulted in feedback that Reed didn’t expect.

While it’s easy to liken Reed’s “Reindeer in Here” to the wildly popular “Elf on the Shelf,” the message is specifically created to express what Reed wants to teach his children.

“I’m not here to bash ‘Elf on the Shelf,’” Reed said. “I respect what they’ve done. But for me, it wasn’t right.”

Reed began the quest to create a tradition for his young family that fit their needs.

“Story and character are what I know,” he said. “I really set out to create a positive Christmas tradition. The true message of this book is that being different is normal – not that being different is special. Being different is normal. I wanted to celebrate each child individually.”

Children name their reindeer and can carry it with them throughout the season. The accompanying book brings the story to life.

Reed, who joked that he has now seen every plush reindeer ever imagined, launched the book and reindeer set last year on Amazon.

“I felt like I just needed to get it to market,” he said. “It really amazingly sold out in under two hours on Black Friday.”

The story resonated with parents.

“The thing I am most proud of is that I have all five-star reviews on Amazon and Facebook,” he said. “There is a smattering all across the country. It is about a positive Christmas tradition. I truly underestimated the connection these children have with the reindeer.”

Reed said some creative parents even put a note in the “Reindeer in Here” box, letting children know that the reindeer and their “Elf on the Shelf” were friends, and that it was now perfectly OK for children to touch the elf, which is typically off limits.

“That was totally unexpected, but a number of families did that,” he said.

This year, Reed said he is set to meet the demand, with a focus on independent retailers and gift shops, though the reindeer will still be available on Amazon. The reindeer is designed to be something children look forward to having during the Christmas season. When it is put away for the remainder of the year, other items, including a wishing jar, are being created to keep the magic going.

“We’re trying to talk about positivity and the magic and spirit of Christmas,” Reed said. “I really created this for my family.”

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