Our favorite playground in Travelers Rest is Poinsett Park, located off the frontage road along Highway 276. Looking at the Greenville Parks and Recreation website, it’s easy to confuse Poinsett Park with Gateway Park; I entered the wrong one into my GPS. By the way, Gateway Park, behind the outfitters store, is worth a special trip.

Along the edge of the playground are mature trees shade picnic tables. More tables are under a picnic pavilion with restrooms. The playground itself is sunny, with no canvas canopy.

It does have the cool treehouse theme my kids like, so the towers aren’t in full sun.

A flat walking path winds along the park’s perimeter. I walked a lap, and a yellow Tiger Swallowtail butterfly followed me most of the way. Eventually worry caught up with me, and I decided to stay closer to the playground, even though my kids were fine. There were no sketchy adults there – just grandmothers and young moms pushing strollers. Some parents would find my fear silly, but I would have preferred to tag team walking and kid-watching with another mom.

We went on a hot summer day, and all three kids enjoyed playing for a while. My tween, however, eventually decided that reading her book in the shade was more fun. The little sisters made friends near their ages and hated to leave.

The only downside to this precious park is the traffic noise, although the frontage road offers a buffer from the highway, so safety isn’t a concern.

You can go

This 5-acre park is located at 5 Pine Forest Road, Travelers Rest.

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