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8-year-old helps rescue dogs find their forever families

Justice Cobbler spends his free time helping dogs find their forever families. An 8-year-old second-grade student, he volunteers regularly with Spartanburg Humane Society helping long-term shelter residents showcase their potential.

Justice’s grandmother, Angela Cobbler, works for a veterinarian and has a wealth of experience with animals.

“I go over with him,” she said. “We pick a dog and we usually go for the ones that have been there the longest. As he is interacting with the dog, we get pictures and videos.”

When those photos and videos are shared, dogs get noticed.

“I’ve worked with dogs all my life,” Angela Cobbler said. “Justice took up the passion for dogs. He loves Spartanburg Humane Society. They are amazing with him. He just loves the dogs and he has such a gift with them. He knows how to approach them. He lives with large dogs.”

Justice said his favorite thing is helping a dog get adopted into a loving family.

“It’s very fun to get them all adopted so they can have a nice home to live in forever,” he said.

Angela Cobbler said it has been a natural fit for her grandson.

“He loves to go there,” she said. “They make him feel like part of the family – and he is when he’s there. We are always very safe and make sure no harm is going to come to him. He just has a knack. He just loves animals.”

Justice helps the dogs see that he is there to give them a glimpse of what life with a family can be like.

“I try to tell if they are scared or happy,” he said. “I get them to where they are good with kids and other dogs.”

And when one dog is adopted, he is ready to help the next one on the list.

“He asks, ‘Mimi, when can we pick another dog?’” Angela Cobbler said. “We see who has been there the longest and he jumps right in. For him, it’s about the animals. He just loves them.”

Justice said the goal is to give dogs the life they deserve.

“It’s fun to get them a nice place to live and people to play with and love on them,” Justice said. “They all need a home.”