When you’re in the throes of summer, occasionally you need a down day to rest. This might happen on a muggy, rainy day, or it could just be a random Tuesday because your children are a little too precious at the moment.

On those days when being outside isn’t an option, what can you do? Sure you’ve painted 10,000 pictures, you’ve built 10,000 Legos, and you’ve read 10,000 books. What else is there? Here are six suggestions you might not have thought of.

Get active

Do you still have one of those old workout DVDs from college sitting around? Pull it out or bring up your favorite YouTube workout and get busy with your kids. Whether it’s yoga, belly dancing, or TaeBo, a family workout is sure to get everyone’s wiggles out and get a lot of giggles out as well.

Make a string maze

This is something you can easily Google for how-tos, but you basically throw some hardy string all around your house and make a giant web-looking structure. This is fun for littles and big kids alike. They can work their way through the maze, hide things in it, and when you’re done, they can chase it around trying to wind it back up!

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Become a video producer

Your teen probably loves the app and making his or her own videos. Why not get the whole family involved? Let Dad unwind, let the little one rock out, and create fun videos. Upload them to your favorite social media for family and friends to see. Make it extra fun and ask others to do the same and create a contest to see who has the best skills.


Run to the car and get out of the house. Already been to your local library and children’s museum? No problem. There are local history and cultural venues across the country. In the Upstate, visit the Greenville War Museum or the Pickens County Museum of Art and History. There are also indoor play parks if you have kiddos who need to burn off energy.

Watch a movie

Yes, “Moana” has been playing non-stop since school was over in June, but this is different. Create a movie theater space. Make your living room or even your back porch into a theater. Set up floor seating with blankets and pillows, get some theater-like popcorn bowls, grab the Red Vines, and pop in a classic. Shirley Temple, Little Rascals, “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” the original “Parent Trap” — all wonderful nostalgic movies your kids are sure to fall in love with. Then you’ll be singing “Let’s Get Together” instead of “How Far I’ll Go.”

Wash the car

As long as lightning isn’t a concern, why not put on swimsuits, soap up the family car and wash it in the rain? Everyone gets to get wet, cool down, use up energy, and the car gets washed. Added bonus is that you probably won’t have to bathe your kids that night, either.

You only have 18 summers with your children before they fly the nest. Make the most of them and create memories, even if you’re stuck at home on a rainy day!

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