Look through your Easter pictures from last month, moms. Or look through any of the photos from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. How many pictures are you in? And I don’t mean those perfectly aligned selfies where you can’t tell the last time you wore yoga pants to yoga was two babies ago.

I mean the photos where you and your husband or you and your children are living life, laughing, enjoying each other. Rolls and wrinkles and all. Get out from behind the camera, moms. Jump into the shot! Set the timer, ask your friend or a passer-by to please snap a photo with you in it.

The biggest holiday in May is Mother’s Day. Think about your mother. Think about your grandmother. What are your favorite things from these women? If you’re anything like me, it’s photos of them. Photos from a time when the camera wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Some of my most prized possessions are photos of my grandmothers from high school graduations and weddings.

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And one day, it will be your children and grandchildren looking for photos of you to cherish. They will want to see pictures of Mom and Dad still in love after 10, 20, 30 years. They will want to see you laughing that full body laugh. They will want to look at you up close and see if they got your eyes or if you had freckles like theirs. They want to see the real you, not the picture you had to take several times in order to deem it Instagram worthy.

Get in front of the camera, moms! Have photos taken of you with each of your children individually. Next time you get family pictures done, get one of just you and your spouse.

Have pictures of you with your friends to show that you had a life outside small children, homework, and diapers.

I have a dear friend who adored her mother and loved her more than anything. But her mom hated pictures of herself and always tore them up. When my friend’s mother passed away, she looked desperately for pictures to remember her mother by, pictures to show her children. There were hardly any. My friend didn’t care about her mother’s rolls or if her smile was crooked. She just wanted to see the face of the woman she loved.

Don’t be afraid of how you look. Don’t worry if your arm looks fat or your makeup isn’t perfect. Your children won’t care. Your spouse won’t care. They only care that they have a memory to look back on and remember you.

Get in front of the camera, moms. One day, your children will be so glad you did.

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