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‘We started our family through adoption’

Rachelle and Joseph Adams are pretty busy right now – in the best possible way.

The Simpsonville couple has been married for a little more than seven years. About three years ago, they decided to start their family through adoption. Now, they are the parents of two boys, Asher, age 2, and an infant son whose adoption will soon be final.

“Asher came into our family as a newborn in 2015,” Rachelle Adams said. “Once he was a year old, we decided to pursue adoption again. We both knew we wanted to be parents. Even while we were dating, adopting was on the table. We started our family through adoption. It has been a journey like no other. It’s emotional. It’s hard. But it’s amazing.”

Both boys were adopted through Special Link, a Greenville-based agency and nonprofit adoption information network, and both adoptions were open adoptions, meaning the birth and adoptive families have contact with each other.

“It has brought us so much joy,” Adams said. “Not just with our sons, but getting to know their first moms. That’s a journey in and of itself, taking things step by step in those relationships and getting to know one another. Once we saw the advantages, we were all in. We know it’s important for our boys to have those connections to their first families.”

Adams said she admires the strength she has seen in her sons’ birth mothers.

“I think there are a lot of myths about women who place their children,” she said. “People don’t see them for the strong women they are. They are strong and brave women who make a really, really hard choice for their children. Being able to get to know them, that’s an honor for us.”

But Adams said she and her husband did face fears as they made the choice to adopt.

“We were afraid of waiting,” she said. “It’s a hard process – it’s a refining process. It brings out things in you as individuals and in your marriage. I think there was fear of the unknown. Once we decided that we were going the route of private domestic infant adoption, it was expensive. It was a matter of faith for us. Stepping out in faith that God would provide – and he did. He has provided everything along the way.”

Adams said those who are considering adoption should find real people who have adopted and talk with them.

“Don’t read the internet in the middle of the night,” she said. “You will find lots of things that terrify you.”

Like all families, the Adams’ journey to parenthood is their story – as unique as they are.

“Adoption is how we became parents, but really, at the end of the day, we’re parents,” she said. “We are navigating the day to day just like every other parent. Every family has its challenges. Every stage of parenting has its own challenges and joys. Goodness, there’s so much joy in all of it.”

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