Tamyra Lattimore gives extra effort in the classroom and beyond.


Meet 10 students in the Upstate who are making a difference in their communities.

A student at Hollis Academy in Greenville, Tamyra inspires others, including her teacher, Sara Lynne Murrell.

“She is a leader, inside and outside the classroom,” Murrell said. “Her conversations let you know that her genuineness goes beyond herself. She reaches out towards neighbors, community and even the world. Tamyra has set high goals for herself, and I have no doubt she will reach each one.”

Tamyra is an A student, president of the Junior Beta Club and is involved in the school’s morning news program and the school store. As part of her Beta Club membership, Tamyra is required to complete 10 hours of community service per school year. She has already completed 40 hours.

Christy Smith, Tamyra’s mother, said her daughter puts others first.

“She thinks about others before she thinks about herself,” she said. “She’s got a positive attitude — always trying to make things better. She’s always going. She never stops. She’s awesome, I think.”

Tamyra said she strives for straight As, but her other goals are important to her as well.

“I want to become a pediatric surgeon,” she said. “I always wanted to help children.”

In fact, she is already helping those around her and encouraging everyone to be their best.

“I feel like if you put someone down or make them feel bad, it shows how you feel about others,” she said.

Nomination excerpt: “Tamyra is unlike any other fifth-grade student I have ever taught. She is uniquely gifted and bright. About 10 minutes spent with Tamyra is all one needs to know that she is truly worthy of this honor.”

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