Meet 10 students in the Upstate who are making a difference in their communities.


Charlotte Alexander takes action when she sees a problem.

Charlotte, a student at Pelham Road Elementary School in Greenville, has two siblings. She is already known as an advocate for other students.

“We had a new principal this year,” said Beth Alexander, Charlotte’s mother. “Charlotte said at the end of last year that she saw a lot of people being mean to other people. She tends to partner with the people that are being picked on.”

Charlotte wrote a letter to the principal and had a meeting over the summer. She worked to establish a kindness group to promote positivity throughout the school.

“We look for random acts of kindness and we not necessarily reward them, but we recognize them for doing it,” Charlotte said.

When kindness is noticed, students are given a wrist band and acknowledged on the school’s kindness tree.

“You write your name on a heart and put it there to show that act of kindness,” Charlotte said. “If we’re not kind, it causes so many problems. People just need to be nice.”

Charlotte expresses her creativity through writing songs. She keeps a notebook of current works in progress. Her mother said her compassion for others was noticed even in kindergarten when she received the best friend award.

“She is a very compassionate child,” her mother said. “She is deeply concerned about everyone’s feelings. She has always been the kid who would partner with the kids who didn’t have as many friends.”

Nomination excerpt: “Charlotte was concerned about bullying at school and set up an appointment with Mrs. Qualls, our principal, to discuss a plan to address the situation. We now have a kindness group at our school that works on building kindness throughout the school.”

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