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10 easy ways to eat healthier as a family

Leah McGrath is the corporate dietitian for Ingles Markets, and she will offer nutritional tips to families on how to improve their diets during the Fit Family Challenge. To get started, she recommends families implement these 10 quick and easy tips to eat healthier meals:

  • Eat meals together as a family.
  • Turn off or put away distractions like TV, smart phones and tablets.
  • Make sure half of each plate consists of fruits and vegetables.
  • When eating grains, pastas and breads, make sure they are more often whole grains.
  • Avoid sweetened beverages.
  • Incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors into meals.
  • Make sure servings of food are age appropriate.
  • Choose lean sources of protein including vegetable-based protein such as beans.
  • Choose prepared seasoned foods with less added sodium and limit use of salt at the table.
  • Eat until you are satisfied, not until you are stuffed. 

Leah McGrath is the corporate dietitian for Ingles Markets. Follow her @InglesDietitian. Contact her at, 800-334-4936 or at Read her Eat Right column monthly in Upstate Parent and online at