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Honoring Sarah Palmer, Bethel Elementary

Sarah Palmer is using her experience as a world traveler to make friends and make a difference.

Sarah is a new student at Bethel Elementary. According to her mother, Kathleen Palmer, the family, including Sarah’s father, Jeff, lived in France for the past three years, giving Sarah a different perspective.

“She got out of her shell and realized she could make friends really easily,” Kathleen Palmer said. “She absolutely has the travel bug now.”

Megan Friend, Sarah’s teacher, said she is an impressive student.

“She has sky-high academics, diverse interests and a giving persona,” Friend said. “Sarah is fully willing to devote her full attention to academics. Even though she is very naturally gifted, she not only has the skill of understanding how to study and prepare for assignments, but she takes her studies seriously. She is a critical thinker that considers every topic brought to her deeply.”

Sarah often shares the benefit of her travel experience with her classmates.

“I can always count on her to add immensely to our class discussions,” Friend said.

Sarah enjoys reading, skiing and the arts, especially painting and music.

“Between the art and the music, she doesn’t know which one she likes best,” Kathleen Palmer said.

Sarah won first place at Bethel for intermediate visual arts and is a member of the South Carolina Elementary Honors Choir.

Friend said Sarah she is always willing to go above and beyond what is required of her and she frequently partners with her classmates to discuss difficult content.

“She once even volunteered to teach a lesson on multiplying fractions with number lines to her classmates in my absence,” Friend said.

Sarah’s favorite…

Movie: “The Princess Diaries 2”

Singer: Taylor Swift

Hobby: Snow skiing and reading