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Honoring Madison Cooksey, Jesse Boyd Elementary

Madison Cooksey keeps up with a very busy schedule, but she puts people first.

Madison is a student at Jesse Boyd Elementary School and she was the only child from her school chosen for the South Carolina Honors Choir.

“She is in the chorus at school, she plays violin in the orchestra and she recently performed in a small ensemble,” her mother, Ashley Cooksey, said.

Madison also serves as an acolyte at her church and like her older sister, Ballenger, plays travel soccer with the Spartanburg Arsenal team. She is also performing in the school’s upcoming musical. Now in her fifth year as a Girl Scout, she sold about 200 boxes of cookies this year.

The fifth grade team at Jesse Boyd said Madison’s positive attitude and inquiring nature make her a model student — one who is very open-minded and accepting of all people. That characteristic is important to her mother and her father, Jesse.

“We have always encouraged her to be accepting of others and let her know because someone has a different skin color or they can’t walk around like we do or their hands and feet are different, we’re all still made the same,” Ashley Cooksey said. “She has such a tender heart. She makes wise decisions — kind of an old soul. She wants people to be accepting of who she is, whether she has her hair in a ponytail and is wearing a soccer jersey or a dress.”

Madison’s favorite…

Movie: “The Wizard of Oz”

Food: Macaroni and cheese

Things to do: Play soccer and sing