Colt Schrader isn’t afraid of hard work, but he also knows when to step into the spotlight and when to let others lead the way.

“Even as a toddler, there was something people always noticed about him,” Jena Schrader, Colt’s mother, said. “He was like a grown up in a kid’s body – the way he talks with people and engages with them. He’s very outgoing.”

Jena Schrader said Colt is always eager to help, a sentiment echoed by Shannon Vance, his teacher at Woodland Elementary.

“He is not afraid to talk to anyone, and his outgoing, caring personality is contagious,” Vance said. “He is loved and looked up to by his peers. When Colt finishes his classroom assignments, he asks, ‘Mrs. Vance is there anything I can help you with?’ or ‘Is there anyone you would like me to help?’ He is a very trustworthy student.”

Colt is one of four boys in his family, including a twin brother, Lane. His mother said Colt recently served as emcee for a symposium for educators, introducing the keynote speaker to about 600 audience members. “No challenge is ever too much for him,” she said. “He shines on stage and is just not fazed by it.” Colt actively serves in his church and is on wrestling, baseball, basketball and football teams. Sports play a big role in the Schrader family. Colt He recently won a state wrestling tournament for his weight class and one of his favorite activities is playing football with his brothers and his dad, Isaac.

“He’s a very coachable kid,” Jena Schrader said. “My husband really stresses effort and humility in our boys. He is a good teammate.”

Colt’s favorite…

Movie: “Woodlawn”

Food: Meatloaf

Song: “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns

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