Caleb White can be counted on to pitch in and help and to do so with grace and maturity.

Part of a large family that includes two sisters, two stepsisters, two brothers and one more brother on the way, Caleb helps his siblings with homework and never seems to get in trouble.

“He is focused on whatever he is doing,” his mother, Sarah, said. “He is very quiet and very sweet. He always used his mind, even when he was little.”

A natural leader, Caleb tends to serve as a peacemaker among others, his mother said.

“He can’t stand to hear or see people fighting,” she said. “He is very thoughtful. It’s not like him to even kill an insect.”

Holly Gosnell, Caleb’s teacher at Gateway Elementary School, said Caleb is a quiet student who is steadfast in completing his assignments.

“He is an avid reader and enjoys sharing what he is reading with others and encourages others to read,” Gosnell said. “Currently, Caleb is reading through the entire Series of Unfortunate Events series. Caleb is an exceptional role model for not only other fifth-graders but also our younger students. Caleb is on the honor roll and works diligently to maintain his grades. When Caleb is not reading, he likes to play video games and play with his siblings. He is the oldest child and often helps his younger brothers with their work. He is an exemplary student who is making a difference in our school, classroom and at home.”

Caleb’s favorite…

Movie: “Walking with Dinosaurs”

Food: Pizza

Things to do: Read, look at bugs and animals, and watch things being made

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