Families of children with special needs in Greenville have a new service to call on when help is needed.

The Shape of Behavior opened its Greenville location in October 2014, and offers applied behavior analysis therapy to children with autism and other special needs.

“Our therapy is individualized based on the needs of each child, developed by a board-certified behavior analyst, and provided in our clinic,” said Justin Crowe, operations manager for The Shape of Behavior. “We also offer services in-home as well as some school shadowing. These two are offered based on the recommendation of our BCBAs (board-certified behavior analysts). In addition to these therapies, we also offer free parent trainings, sibling support groups, free community events and more.”

The Shape of Behavior is based in Houston, Texas, where founder Domonique Randall began the business as a full-day, private clinic in 2000 using applied behavior analysis therapy. Its clinics are located throughout Texas, with one location in California. Greenville is its first South Carolina location. The clinic and its therapists are trained to assist children with Down syndrome, attention deficit disorders, bipolar disorders, cerebral palsy, autism and other disorders. A complete list is available at

“The earlier a kid is able to start with us, the better the results,” Crowe said. “We currently target children ages 2 through 12, though we have many children outside that range who attend our clinics. We’ve had 18-months-old all the way up to 23-years-old.”

Crowe said applied behavior analysis therapy has been proven to be the most successful treatment for autism and all other special needs. BCBAs at the clinic have masters and doctorate degrees. Family members are encouraged to participate in training, but most of the focus is on the children.

“We know that mom and dad won’t always be there to care for their kids, so it is imperative that they are able to learn independence and how to take care of themselves,” Crowe said. “We can provide that assistance and training.”

Crowe said numerous examples of success stories are featured on the business’s website.

“My favorite success story is short and sweet,” he said. “After only a few months of working with a 16-year-old boy, we were able to potty train him fully. Can you imagine the relief to a parent to have her child fully potty trained after 16-plus years of trying?”

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