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7 simple tips for getting active and fit

Allen Dixon is the owner of 9Round’s East Main Street Spartanburg location. He is offering fitness tips to families to help them get active and fit during the Fit Family Challenge. He kicks things off with these seven simple tips to get healthier:

  • Find something that each family member can do and enjoy. Chances are if you don’t enjoy it you will not do it or stick with it.
  • If you are outside, any physical activity such as walking or riding a bike is something almost anyone can do. Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing any physical activity. Thirty minutes is only 2 percent of your day. You can make the time.
  • If you are inside there are plenty of indoor exercises you can do. “We do Go Noodle with our 7-year-old daughter,” Dixon said. “It’s online and it’s fun for her, and we are willing to do it because she enjoys it, plus it allows us to let our youthful side come out. We can act silly while getting physical activity. There are other online and video game options that aren’t sedentary and promote physical activity.”
  • Review and express the importance of eating healthy. Eating frequency is important as well. Sometimes we don’t eat enough or frequent enough, which causes our metabolism to slow down. Getting educated on good nutrition is essential to a healthy family. Do not keep unhealthy snacks in the home.
  • Drink water — lots of water. Stay away from soft drinks. Even diet soft drinks are bad for you. Water, water and more water is key to living healthier and staying fit.
  • Find a workout facility such as 9Round 30-minute kickbox fitness where there are no class times and anyone can do it, no matter your age (check with your local 9Round for age restrictions) or physical ability. It’s a total body workout that changes daily so it stays fun and interesting and you can do it with the entire family. Not to mention every membership comes with a doctor-moderated nutrition program and a trainer is present at every workout.
  • Start living a healthy lifestyle and maintain it. Getting fit and staying fit will help you boost your immune system as well as give you more energy, not to mention reducing your stress level. Invest in your health so you don’t have to spend your wealth.