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Tweens and teens take the lead in new videos

“Adventures in Babysitting” (2016)

Rated G

Suitable for all ages

Starring Disney Channel alums Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson, “Adventures in Babysitting” follows a carefree teen (Carson) named Lola, who butts in on a baby-sitting job after the straight-laced Jenny (Carpenter) reveals how much money can be made. When one of Lola’s charges goes missing, Jenny and her charges must come to the rescue. The two baby-sitters and the children they’re watching venture into the city to locate the missing kid, only to fall into one zany madcap adventure after another.

The Disney Channel’s “Adventures in Babysitting” is a remake of a 1987 movie that many parents will likely remember. However, there’s little resemblance between the remake and the original film, and parents who have affection for the original will likely roll their eyes at this much goofier version. Younger kids, however, will probably love it. It’s squeaky clean and geared toward children. Plus, it does promote some positive messages, including teamwork, taking responsibility for one’s actions and friendship.

Watch it or skip it?: Watch it.

What’s good: Lola learns to be more responsible while Jenny learns to enjoy life more.

What’s bad: The baby-sitters do a lot of irresponsible things, and the teens and children are put in danger.

“My Best Friend”

Rated G

Suitable for all ages

In “My Best Friend,” Kristen (Alexis Rosinsky) moves to the country with her widowed father (Patrick Muldoon) to live with his mother after he loses his job. Kristen’s grandmother Pearl (Catherine Bach) runs a ranch where people can take riding lessons and learn to rope, and as much as Kristen loves horses, she misses her best friend, doesn’t fit in at her new school and doesn’t get along with her dad’s old high school girlfriend, who happens to be the business manager of Pearl’s ranch. When Pearl gifts Kristen with a horse named Sanford, Kristen can suddenly communicate telepathically with Sanford. With his help, she begins to find the confidence to face the brave new world of adolescence.

This low-budget, independent film is a bit silly at times, and the filmmakers try to tackle a lot of issues and themes, including bullying, growing distant from old friends, fracking, loss of a parent, and so on. That said, young kids will enjoy the animals, especially Sanford, who is kind and makes jokes, and Rosinsky is a fairly good actress and plays a character many kids will relate to. The movie is mostly wholesome, so if you don’t mind overachieving low-budget family films, this one is entertaining.

Watch it or skip it?: Watch it.

What’s good: Kristen eventually comes to understand the true meaning of friendship and the importance of family.

What’s bad: Kristen occasionally misbehaves and treats Sanford poorly at times.


Rated PG

Best for ages 8 and older

“Underdogs” is an animated movie recently released on video and streaming services. Jake is a small-town boy who defeats a bully, Ace, at a game of table soccer. Seven years later, Ace returns as a young man having risen to fame as a soccer player. He has enough money to buy the town and starts by destroying the café where Jake works, which houses his beloved foosball table. Ace also kidnaps Jake’s best friend, Lara (voiced by Arian Grande). Devastated, Jake’s tears bring the miniature foosball players to life, and they help him rescue Lara. However, Ace challenges Jake to a game of real soccer, and the town is the prize. Jake and his tiny friends only have a few days to put together a team and save the town.

“Underdogs” has a good message that doing your best and playing fair is what matters, not cheating and winning, but be prepared for some inappropriate humor throughout, such as players getting hit in the crotch and phrases such as “smell the load” and “should we go to my place or yours?” The movie is entertaining enough, but it’s no Pixar production.

Watch it or skip it? Your choice.

What’s good: The bully suffers the consequences of his actions, and Jake promotes playing fair.

What’s bad: Rats in a junkyard might be too scary for little kids, and there’s some rude humor.

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