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Reviews: ‘Shaun the Sheep,’ ‘Susie's Hope,’ ‘Adventures of Petey’

“Shaun the Sheep Movie”

  • Rated PG
  • Good for all ages

Based on the popular TV series out of Britain, “Shaun the Sheep Movie” is another wacky adventure from the same creators of “Wallace and Gromit.” It’s a typical day on the farm for Shaun and his farm animal friends when Shaun decides he’s in the mood for a day off. A mix up with Farmer, a caravan, and a very steep hill lead Shaun and his flock of sheep friends to the big city, where one wacky misadventure after another threatens Shaun’s quest to return things to normal. One of the great things about “Shaun the Sheep Movie” is that there’s virtually no dialogue, which will appeal to kids who don’t yet speak and kids who don’t speak English as their first language. On the flipside, lack of dialogue might bore kids whose attention tends to easily wander.

Watch it or skip it? Watch it.

What’s good: There are positive messages about teamwork and taking responsibility for your mistakes.

What’s bad: There is some potty humor, and the animal control officer is mildly cruel to animals, which might upset some viewers.

“Susie’s Hope”

  • Not rated
  • Good for ages 12 and older

This award-winning family film is actually based on a true story out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Donna Lawrence (played by Emmanuelle Vaugier), who loves animals, survives an attack by a neighbor’s pit bull. While she’s still healing from her injuries, she and a friend come across a pit bull mix puppy that has been beaten, set on fire, and left for dead in a park near a children’s playground. Despite her fears, Donna pledges to raise funds for the puppy’s veterinary care and bring the animal’s abuser to justice. The puppy, named Susie, becomes a local celebrity, with the entire community pledging funds and sitting vigil outside the animal clinic until she eventually goes home with Donna.

The best thing about this movie is Donna’s relationship with Susie as the story develops. The movie mildly depicts Donna’s dog attack and also graphically shows Susie’s injuries as a puppy, which might be upsetting for children. But overall, it’s a good movie that brings awareness to the terrible acts of animal abuse while also promoting a strong message of forgiveness.

Watch it or skip it? Watch it.

What’s good:  Donna relies on her faith and love of animals to encourage forgiveness from others.

What’s bad: There are some mildly graphic scenes depicting animal abuse.

“The Adventures of Petey and Friends”

  • Not rated
  • Best for ages younger than 12

Desert Sky Air Force Base is instructed to carry out an urgent mission to rescue a plane that has gotten lost carrying important information. Petey, a new fighter plane, arrives by forced landing. Petey is determined to carry out the most important task by himself and rescue his best friend, Drake, who is lost in the desert. However, Larry, the best fighter plane on the base, is ordered to perform the task, setting off a competition between Petey and Larry to be the first to find Drake.

There’s a lot about this animated movie that will remind you of “Disney’s Planes” series of films, but kids who loved “Planes” will probably enjoy this one, too.

Watch it or skip it? Watch it.

What’s good:  Petey has to learn to be a team player and rely on others. It also has a message about being brave.

What’s bad: It’s not as good as “Disney’s Planes.”

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