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Spartanburg mom: Experiencing ‘Star Wars’ with my kids

I must confess that I have never been a “Star Wars” fan. While my cousins were watching the movies on VHS tape, ogling Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo, I was reading the latest Sweet Valley High book. But despite my lack of interest in the series, I rushed online to buy tickets for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

See, I have two sons who are desperately want to see the film. While I may not have a personal history of “Star Wars” fandom, I am a huge fan of shared experiences. I’ve been known to watch movie marathons that never would have interested me prior to motherhood and read books from genres I have never read before — just to talk to my boys about them and experience something with them.

As we approach Christmas and think of gifts, sometimes the gift of time is the greatest gift we can give those we love. When I think of gifts that I have received over the years, one of the ones that stands out is a gift certificate for zip-lining at the Gorge. What made this gift special was not just the fun adventure, but that my dad, who gave us the gift, joined our family for the trip.

Even though we are just days away from Christmas and there are presents to buy and wrap, a house to clean and prepare for company, and things to bake, I will be at “Star Wars” with my favorite boys. It is exactly where I want to be!

Merry Christmas, Upstate Parent readers!

Jennifer Weaver is a regular contributor to Upstate Parent. She writes much of the content for the Just for Moms section of the magazine, as well as destination features.