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NCG Cinemas in Spartanburg is great for families

Winter break is a great time to go to the movies. In Spartanburg, a cool theater in which to see that movie is NCG Cinemas. It is a small theater located at 1985 E. Main St., but its amenities and pricing set it apart from other Upstate options.

Evening tickets are $8 for adults, matinee shows are $6 and Tuesday shows are $5.

The discounted price does not reflect a discounted experience, however.

Each theater has large, reclining seats and lots of room between rows. The armrests between rows lift, so you can snuggle with your date. It feels very much like you are sitting in your living room watching a movie — well, if your living room had a movie theater-sized screen! I’ve even seen a woman sitting with a blanket over her legs. What’s a movie without popcorn and a drink? NCG has you covered there too. The self-serve Coca Cola Freestyle machine offers most any soft drink you might want. Popcorn and candy are reasonably priced and drink refills are free. Buy your tickets online or get there early. The theater does sell out at peak times.

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