Luscious summer fruits are ripe for the picking at Upstate farms. While peaches reign supreme, an abundance of other delicious fruits grow right in our backyard. Here are four local farms offering a range of goodies.

Blueberry Hill

Near Paris Mountain State Park, the Gibble family uses organic farming practices for their blueberries. They are open mid-June to mid-August, with peak of season around July 4th, April Gibble said. For five years, prices were set at $18 per gallon to pick your own, or $24 for pre-picked. With hail and hard frost, prices are subject to change, Gibble noted. 222 Tanyard Road, Greenville

Fishers Orchard

Well-known for peaches, it’s worth noting that Fishers also grow strawberries. Photos taken in March appear on their Facebook page displaying trees full of blossoms -- a sign for a good crop despite unusual weather this year. 650 Fisher Road, Greer

Chattooga Belle Farm

This Oconee County farm and event site features produce, plus a distillery and grass-fed beef. Berries, stone fruit and grapes are in season through the summer. Plums arrive around mid-July. In mid-August, figs, pears and apples become available, with persimmons fruiting in October. Proprietor Kitty Land suggests checking their Facebook pages for current offerings. Disc golf and bistro are other attractions. 454 Damascus Church Road, Long Creek

Strawberry Hill U.S.A. (Cooley Farms)

On a hot day, when ice cream sounds better than fruit-picking, this farm has a café and pre-picked peaches all summer. Once strawberry season ends in mid-June, blackberry season begins and are available until August. 3092 Highway 11 W., Chesnee and 117 Nancy Creek Road, Gaffney

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