When the calendar flips to November, I immediately think about Thanksgiving and what I will be making to celebrate the occasion. Whether it be food or crafts, this month always has me full of ideas. As you gather family and friends around your table, why not showcase your children’s creative talents with a couple of projects they can make to help adorn your holiday table.

What you need

  • Clay pot with saucer
  • Pine cones
  • Small wooden craft sticks
  • Craft paint: black, silver, gold, red, orange and yellow
  • Paint brushes
  • Painter’s tape: 1 inch and ½ inch widths
  • Glue for wood and/or ceramics
  • (mom and dad may use hot glue, if desired)
  • Construction paper or card stock: red, orange, yellow and white
  • Black felt
  • Single-hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Black pens or marker
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Small craft “googly” eyes, if desired

How to make it: Clay pot pilgrim hat

1.     Place 1-inch painter’s tape just below rim, leaving 1-inch of space between ends. Then, paint the pot and saucer black. Let dry. Note: You may need multiple coats. If so, let dry between coats.

2.     Remove tape. Using ½-inch tape, create a square around the 1-inch black portion square. Fill in unpainted area with silver paint, taping over black edges, if desired. Let dry. Again, you may need multiple coats. If so, let dry between coats.

3.     Lastly, remove ½-inch tape and fill in with gold paint. As above, tape around edges, if desired.

4.     When all pieces are completely dry, place the pot right side up on black felt. Trace bottom and cut out circles.

5.     Flip pot over and glue on circles to cover drain hole.

6.     Place saucer upside down and glue the pot to them, felt side up.

7.     If desired, you can also glue felt to the bottom of the hat to protect your table.

Repeat with various size pots, if desired, to make additional hats.

Pine cone turkey place card holders

1.    Select one pine cone for each dinner guest. Then paint six wooden craft sticks — two red, two orange, two yellow — per pine cone. Let dry.

2.    If not using “googly” eyes, punch two holes per pine cone out of white card stock/construction paper and draw a large black dot in the center.

3.    Cut a small triangle out of yellow or orange card stock/construction paper for a beak — you will need one for each pine cone.

4.    Cut a small peanut shape out of red card stock/construction paper to be placed under the beak (also known as a “snood”) — you will need one for each pine cone.

5.    Place pine cone on its side and glue “snood” to tip of pine cone.

6.    Glue beak on top of snood.

7.    Glue eyes to tips two “rows” back.

8.    Alternating colors of painted wooden craft sticks, glue to last open row, skipping a tip or two between each stick (depending on the size of your pine cone). This creates the turkey tail feathers.

9.    Measure and cut a 1-inch by 3-inch rectangle from the card stock/construction paper of your choice — mix and match, if desired.

10.    Help children write guests’ names on the cards and insert them into the pine cones between the eyes and tail feathers.

Arrange the pilgrim hats in the center of the table. Vary spacing and heights to create bases and trivets for serving platters. The felt and ceramic are heat resistant. Help children set the table and assign a seat to each guest with their handmade place card holder.

NOTE: Be sure to protect your table with a runner, pad or table cloth. Use caution when handling hot plates or platters and placing them on the pilgrim hats.

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