Birthday parties are a great time for a craft. Crafts help with hand-eye coordination, are good ice-breakers, reinforce sharing and allow guests to be creative while making their own party favor.

If you want to have a high flying party, try these simple projects that will have imaginations soaring. Offer one or more of the options depending on skill level, or even give guests a choice as to their preference.


  • High-quality copy or scrapbook paper
  • Jumbo (5 7/8-inch x 11/16-inch), mini (2 ½-inch x 3/8-inch) and standard (4 7/16-inch x 5/16-inch) size wood craft sticks
  • Foam Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Cellophane tape
  • Markers and stickers for decoration



  1. Write guest’s name on paper.
  2. If using copy paper, allow guests to decorate one side as desired.
  3. Fold paper in half, lengthwise blank side up — decorations/printing will be on outside of finished plane.
  4. Open paper flat and fold top two corners in to meet center fold.
  5. Take outside points and fold in to meet center fold.
  6. Re-fold at center.
  7. Fold bottom points down to meet center fold.
  8. Fold same points upward to meet the fold you just created.
  9. Bend the last two folds back out to 90-degrees.
  10. Tape nose together, if desired.

Allow guests to experiment with folds to create individual planes.



  1. Give each guest four standard, two jumbo and two mini craft sticks to decorate.
  2. Write guest’s name on one jumbo stick.
  3. Glue the standard size craft sticks together along edges to form a square — this is the body of the plane — and let dry.
  4. Glue the jumbo size craft sticks on opposite sides of the body about ½-inch from one end. Let dry
  5. Glue mini size sticks to other end of body. Let dry.



  1. Cut the following pieces out of foam per plane: One 3-inches by 6-inches; two 1-inch by 6-inches; and two ½-inch by 3-inches. This can be done ahead.
  2. Write guest’s name on one of the 1-inch by 6-inch pieces.
  3. Allow guests to decorate all their pieces.
  4. Roll the 3-inch by 6-inch piece into a cylinder and glue edges together. Let dry.
  5. Glue the 1-inch by 6-inch pieces on opposite sides of the cylinder about ½-inch from one end. Let dry
  6. Glue ½-inch by 3-inch pieces to other end of cylinder. Let dry.

For an additional activity, set up a race to see whose plane flies the furthest. Test with the different types of planes and have fun.

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