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Kid’s Craft: Pool Noodle Pirate Swords and Fairy Wands

Want to add some fun to your summer birthday pool party?

Little pirates and fairies love to play together, especially when they can splash around in the water. This craft makes a day in the pool even more fun. Combine pool noodles and a few foam pieces with a little duct tape for a pre-water craft that doubles as a handmade party favor.


  • Pool Noodles (one per four children)
  • Black craft foam sheets
  • Craft foam stars (assorted colors)
  • Scissors
  • 1.8-inch wide craft duct tape (black for swords, glitter/patterned for wands)
  • Tulle ribbon (various colors)
  • Serrated knife or saw
  • Ruler and tape measure


  1. Cut noodles into four equal pieces.

For swords:

  1. Cut one end of noodle diagonally.
  2. Cut black foam into 1-inch by 6-inch pieces.
  3. Layer two strips together and wrap one end with black duct tape, approximately 1-inch wide.
  4. Slide one of the opposite ends down approximately 1-inch — creating a handle — and wrap with tape to secure.
  5. Pinch untapped end and insert into flat end of noodle.
  6. Wrap end with tape to secure.

For wands:

  1. Cut a slit into one end of noodle, approximately 1 inch deep.
  2. Cut tulle ribbon into 3-inch strips. You will need 10 strips per wand.
  3. Select two stars for each wand.
  4. Gather two strips of tulle together, place on a star point and tape ends to star. Repeat for additional points.
  5. Put second star on top — sandwiching the tulle inside — and wrap together with glitter/patterned duct tape, covering star completely. Trim tape as needed.
  6. Insert star into slit on the noodle.
  7. Wrap tape around end of noodle, making sure to secure the star with tape. Again, trim tape as needed.
  8. Wrap tape around length of noodle to create a stripe and cover opposite end to finish.

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