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Fourth of July kid’s craft: Fireworks Wreath

Here’s a festive patriotic wreath that you can use for Fourth of July and throughout the year. This craft might be a bit too difficult for little kids to do on their own, but they can help Mom or Dad make a long-lasting decoration to hang on the door. Have your children gather the pieces into colorful groups that you can twist onto the wreath form.

Be creative and show your spirit for our country.


  • 12 inch wire wreath
  • 20 each - Red, white, blue and silver pipe cleaners
  • 1½  – 2-inch-wide wired, patriotic ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Ruler


  1. Hold ribbon between your thumb and forefinger approximately 1 inch from end.
  2. Wrap remaining fingers with ribbon and hold between thumb and forefinger, sliding your fingers out to create a loop. Repeat to form a second loop.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have four to five layers on each side. Trim ribbon approximately 1 inch beyond center.
  4. Cut another piece of ribbon 16 inches long.
  5. Place ribbon underneath loops and gather at center.
  6. Cut a piece of floral wire 12 inches long.
  7. Wrap gathered point with floral wire and twist tightly to secure leaving 3 – 4 inches of wire at the ends.
  8. Feed ends of wire through the wreath to attach ribbon to the second ring of the wreath form. Twist tightly to secure.
  9. Twist remaining length of wire together, pull back up and twist around first ring. Then create a loop by twisting ends around the first ring again.
  10. Cut pipe cleaners in half with wire cutters.
  11. Gather 3 pipe cleaners in various colors and bend in half.
  12. Staring at the edge of the bow, feed the ends of the pipe cleaners between the spaces in the rings.
  13. Twist tightly together around the wreath ring. Bend and shape ends of pipe cleaners separating colors to look like bursts, as you go.
  14. Repeat, adding pipe cleaners to wreath until wreath form is covered.
  15. Fluff loops of bow.
  16. Fold ends of ribbon together and trim diagonally from outside corner to create finished points.

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